İKÜ Alumni Platform (İKÜM)

Dear Alumni,

"İKÜM" İKÜ Alumni Platform, which is prepared to create a strong network among our graduates and to improve these relations, is at the service of our graduates and students. İKÜM Alumni Platform, which brings together the students and alumni of İstanbul Kültür University, is an extensive network of İKÜ Alumni, Academics, and Students. With this platform, you can reach out and connect to all İKÜ members you know and don't know. You can meet your colleagues, join regional İKÜ alumni groups, and become part of new collaborations.You can share your knowledge, experience, and ideas with İKÜ members and become a mentor. You can see current events, invitations, and social opportunities on campus. You can follow job postings of İKÜM members and apply online.


Are you ready to be with your friends and your university at all times? It's time to get in touch and be active!



Share your “Network” with İKÜM family and let’s grow together...

Student Life, Career, and Alumni Advisory Unit (Kültür Point) is here to answer all your questions!

Kültür Point Contact Information

  0212 498 4344
  İstanbul Kültür University Ataköy Campus 
E5 Highway Bakırköy 34158 İstanbul 

Last Update Date: Fri, 11/10/2023 - 11:06