Our Services

1- Career Consultancy

We consider it important that our students and graduates possess knowledge and experience regarding professional life during their education. We inform our students about the expectations of institutions, the requirements and responsibilities of professional life and the qualities employers look for. We improve their CVs through individual interviews and provide information about interview techniques. We enable them to step into the sector in the most prepared way possible by determining their vocational inclinations accurately. We provide consultancy services on the following topics:

  • General Career Consultancy
  • Academic Career Consultancy
  • Guidance for Effective CV Preparation
  • Guidance for Interview Skills
  • Guidance for Preparation of Statement of Purpose
  • Guidance for Networking
  • Job Search Skills

2- Career and Professional Development Seminars

Through seminar programs organized by İstanbul Kültür University Kültür Point, we aim to support the career processes of our students and graduates, to help them discover their potential on the way to entrepreneurship and to increase their awareness on adaptation to professional life.
Establishing a bridge between students and the business world, these events in which leading industry professionals in Turkey participate, enable our students to obtain preliminary vocational information and contribute to their professional networking skills. 

3- Trainings and Practical Workshops

These are programs that are needed by our students and graduates and organized to contribute to their personal development on the way to professional life. Our workshops involve award-winning creative works of ideas that we carry out jointly with companies. Our trainings consist of programs designed to develop basic knowledge and skills and are carried out in both Turkish and English. Students and graduates who have completed the training programs receive certificates for each training.

4- Information on Job and Traineeship Opportunities

As Kültür Point, we communicate with institutions and organizations and share their open job and traineeship positions with our students. We conduct individual interviews to develop their skills for finding jobs and traineeships.

5- Occupational Health and Safety Training

In accordance with Article 2 and Clause 1 of the Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety, students are required to obtain the "Basic Training on Occupational Health and Safety" certificate for traineeship applications. As Kültür Point, we award our students with this certificate free of charge at the end of a 16-hour training program. 

6- Activities of Student Clubs

We carry out activities to enable student clubs, performing their activities under the body İstanbul Kültür University, to project and organize their events. We support our students so that they can spend their university lives actively and in a well-equipped manner.

7- Alumni Affairs

Alumni affairs are handled by Kültür Point within the University. As Kültür Point, we attach great importance to our relations with our graduates, and we strive to make our students a lifelong part of İstanbul Kültür University. 

8- Aids and Activities for Disabled/Disadvantaged Individuals

We organize various events both inside and outside the University, such as seminars to raise awareness about disability and sign language trainings. For the same purpose, we guide the appropriate events of the student clubs, which we also manage and coordinate.