The Kültür Point Office is located on the ground floor of the main building of the Ataköy Campus.
All full-time and periodic students (undergraduate, master and doctoral) and graduates of İstanbul Kültür University can benefit from our services.
You can visit our office between the 09:00-17:30 on weekdays, or you can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to ogrenciyasam@iku.edu.tr including the information you request or an appointment request. You can meet with us by getting an appointment from our contact person or career consultant. 
You can request an appointment for CV or Statement of Purpose (SoP) review interviews by sending an e-mail to d.kurtyigit@iku.edu.tr. A more productive interview will take place if you send your CV or Statement of Purpose drafts at least 24 hours before your appointment with us.
Students who are currently registered at İstanbul Kültür University can benefit from psychological counseling service free of charge.
Meetings are held by appointment (except for emergencies). You can send an e-mail to d.kurtyigit@iku.edu.tr or visit the Kültür Point Office to make an appointment.
This depends on what your problem is and how serious it is. The service offered by the Unit is in the form of counseling, not therapy. When therapy is needed, support should be obtained from outside the University.
The students who meet the conditions to graduate may complete their exmatriculation procedures by applying to the Directorate of Student Affairs with their student ID. Students receive a temporary graduation certificate until their diploma is ready. This is a one-time document and it has to be exchanged with the diploma once it’s ready.
You can learn it from the Directorate of Student Affairs.
You can take advantage of all the facilities provided by Kültür Point after graduation. To be informed about our services, you can follow our Kültür Point Web page and @kulturnoktasi social media accounts or create an account on İKÜM.Network alumni platform. 
You can contact our career specialists by sending an e-mail to ogrenciyasam@iku.edu.tr to make an appointment. Click here for detailed information about Individual Career Counselling services.
Graduates are required to have İKÜMED membership in order to benefit from İKÜ Libraries. Click here for detailed information.
You can access the registration form required to benefit from İKÜMED membership and advantages from this link.
With this platform, you can reach out and connect to all İKÜ members you know and don't know. You can meet your colleagues, join regional İKÜ alumni groups and become part of new collaborations. You can share your knowledge, experience, and ideas with İKÜ members and become a mentor. You can see current events, invitations, and social opportunities on campus. You can follow job postings of İKÜM members and apply online. 
You can create an account with LinkedIn, Facebook, and E-mail addresses from İKÜM.Network website.
You can edit your information on the Update profile tab by logging in to the İKÜM.Network. If you are a member through your LinkedIn account, the updates you make in your LinkedIn profile will be automatically seen on the İKÜM.Network platform due to the integration between the platforms.
You can get support from the Kültür Point Alumni Relations Coordination Office.

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