Peer Mentoring

The “Peer Mentoring” project that was put into practice by the Kültür Point in 2017-2018 Academic Year aims to facilitate the first year experiences of first-year students at Istanbul Kültür University; to support students in adapting to academic life and university studentship, and to help them to embrace the culture and values of Istanbul Kültür University.

In this process in which the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students from all departments are mentoring the first-year students with their knowledge and experience, it is aimed that their first experience in the university to be realized in the most efficient way for our students.


. Number of Mentors in 2017-2018: 200
. Number of Mentors in 2018-2019: 242
. Number of Mentors in 2019-2020: 367 
. Number of Mentors in 2020-2021: ...



Duration of the Program: 8 months.
Matching Method: Mentors and mentees are matched according to the department they study.
Beginning of the Program: September 14, 2020.
End of the Program: April 2, 2021.



. To be a 2nd-3rd-4th year student that study at IKU.
. To be volunteer for meeting for 1 or 2 hours a month.
. As an experienced student, to help the new student to get to know his department and. university; and to contribute to his learning motivation.
. To be successful in communication and relationship management.
. Being reliable.
. To participate the “Mentoring Education" to be given by Kültür Point.

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To be a first-year student.
To be willing to meet for 1-2 hours a month.
To be open to learning.
To accept the responsibility of the program.
Being reliable.
To be open to improvement.

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.It was nice to have someone that I could reach out easily and without hesitation, and now I'm a mentor, too.
.I had a friendly and helpful group of friends.
.In the early days of school, it was great for me to have someone that I can ask questions and consult when I had no information and did not know anyone. Thank you!
.The fact that having someone to answer and help me with the issues I was worried about made me feel more confident about the university.
.A mentor is not just a mentor. My mentor helped me to adapt to our university and helped me get out all kinds of problems. The mentoring program should definitely continue. I got the efficiency.
.“Peer Mentoring” program  allowed me to both keep up with the school faster and to have information about the department.
.We have the chance to have first-hand information from our friends who have experience at the university and department that I don't know.


Akran Mentorluğu