Alumni Relations Workshop

At the Alumni Relations Workshop, which we put into practice with the mission of breaking a new ground in Turkey, we bring together people working at the alumni relations offices, career centres, and alumni associations of universities to carry out studies to ensure more efficient alumni relations processes in Turkey which is their common area, providing solution offers and successful projects.

In order to keep the participants of the workshop in contact with each other after the event and to share the decisions and reports taken at the workshops, special accounts are created for the participants through the İKÜ CATS platform, which has tools for sharing documents, announcements, and news contents, messaging, video-webinar interviews and organizing surveys.

The first of the Alumni Relations Workshop, which is planned to be held twice a year, was held on November 30, 2018 within our University.

The second workshop was hosted by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University on 14 June 2019.

1. Alumni Relations Workshop / 30 November 2018   
2. Alumni Relations Workshop / 14 June2019