Healthy Sexual Life Academy

As sexuality gains importance in the lives of young people, there is a need for sexual health education to provide knowledge, healthy attitudes and positive values on sexual health issues. With the Healthy Sexual Life Academies, which we organize for our students as Kültür Point, they are able to meet their information needs about healthy sex life, to understand their physical, emotional and sexual development, to develop responsible behaviors about healthy sex life, to reduce risky sexual behaviors, to increase self-esteem and decision-making skills. to contribute. 

It is a training package consisting of seminars to be given by experts to contribute to the development of a positive self-concept, respect for human sexuality, respect for the rights of others, positive behavior and value judgments.
The academic staff to be employed in the Healthy Sexual Life Academy trainings are psychiatrists, psychologists and other experts who are experienced in and out of the University. 

  • Each seminar held in an academy program lasts for 2 hours.
  • Participation Certificate ”is issued to the participants of the Healthy Sexual Life Academy.
  • Healthy Sexual Life Academy-1 Program

Seminar-1 Sexual Functions 
Seminar-2 The Concept of Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation
Seminar-3 Safe Sexuality and Protection
Seminar-4 Sexual Myths - Misconceptions about Sexuality

  • Healthy Sexual Life Academy-2 Program

Seminar-1 The Concept and Culture of Approval in Sexuality
Seminar-2 Recognizing and Understanding Sexual Dysfunctions
Seminar-3 Avoidances, Fears and Sexuality
Seminar-4 Virtual Sexuality

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