Student Assistantship

Students can work part-time in departments and units of our University and at Kültür Point for a scholarship or a fee. By encouraging students to work in jobs in line with their interests and abilities, we aim to improve their personality and skills, contribute to their growth as disciplined and productive individuals and support them financially. The principles and conditions for the part-time employment of students are specified in the İstanbul Kültür University Part-Time Employment Directive for Students.  

Part-Time Employment Directive for Students  

Kültür ElçisiApplication

The student assistant requirements of departments and units are announced to students in September, through the webpage of the University and the bulletin boards of the departments.

The number of part-time students to be employed, quality of the work, qualifications required of the students to be employed, weekly working hours and the hourly fee, documents required for application, application place and date are mentioned in the announcements.

Applications are made to the General Secretariat with the "Part-Time Job Application Form for Students" on the webpage of the University. 

Conditions required of students to be employed part-time

Students meeting the following conditions can be temporarily employed part-time at İstanbul Kültür University, with priority being given to those who are given scholarships by the General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution or those who have the qualifications for scholarships:

  1. Being a student of the University,
  2. Not having received disciplinary punishment,
  3. Not having their contract canceled due to a violation of the "Part-Time Employment Contract for Students" signed between the student being employed part-time and the higher education institution,
  4. Having sufficient knowledge, skill and ability for the job,
  5. Not being a student who has suspended his/her studies and not being a foreign student.